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Calling all managers and coaches wanting to make an impact with teams or clients…

Advanced Coaching - Jonathan Passmore

Develop your coaching towards mastery and discover
The Integrated Eclectic Evidence-Based Approach!

28 - 29. March 2019 in Belgrade!

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Learn core coaching skills and frameworks

Improve the way you work with your team or clients by learning how to:

  • Create contract and build relationships
  • Be focused and present during the session
It takes only 2 days to discover advanced coaching model

Expand your portfolio with new frameworks, specifically focusing on Mindfulness, Compassion, Motivational Interviewing and Positive Psychology approaches.

Create your own coaching approach

You will be encouraged to explore your own strengths and learn how to use that knowledge, to develop your own integrated approach to coaching.

Even Bill Gates needs a coach! 80% of directors said that their CEO’s are using coaching to improve their work.

About the training

This training will look at some specifics that will help coaches move forward with their clients. The first day is designed at people learning core coaching skills. For those who are not quite experienced in coaching, the first day would be beneficial in terms of learning fundamental ICF competences such as ICF Relationship, Presence and Listening. The second day is aimed to upgrade coaching skills with techniques for working with cognitive, unconscious cognitions and systems.

Essentially, the content of the training is offering crucial coaching skills that entail tools to empower coaches to use the concept of working at multiple levels such as behavioral, cognitive and unconscious. In line with that, combining these concepts, the training will bring together a series of evidence-based approaches to build an integrated model for executive coaching, which can be described as integrative coaching.

Since executive coaching has grown in popularity, interestingly 80% of people who received coaching reported increased self-confidence and over 70% benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills. 86% of companies reported that they recouped their investment on coaching and more (ICF 2009).

Finally, this training will upgrade your coaching practice to the next level using more psychological and evidence-based approach.

Key Learning Outcomes:

You will learn how to critically evaluate the strengths and limitations of different approaches

You will expand your coaching portfolio with new tools and frameworks to use with your clients

You will understand the role of a new coaching approach

You will learn how to use this approach to contribute to maximising performance at work

You will have the opportunity to try out in practice a series of new flows and coaching approaches

You will develop your own integrated approach to coaching

About the trainer

Jonathan Passmore

Jonathan Passmore is an internationally respected psychologist, author and experienced coach who has been coaching and consulting for the past twenty years. His clients list includes politicians, celebrities and c-suite executives. He holds five degrees and he is the author of 30 books and over 100 scientific papers and is a regular commentator in the media.

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Expand your coaching portfolio with new tools and frameworks. Differentiate yourself in growing coaching market!

See you on 28th of March 2019 in Belgrade.

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